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ZOOM! Whitening in Skokie

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Dr. Friedstat offers his patients ZOOM! Whitening at Friedstat Dental Associates in Skokie. Dr. Friedstat feels that everyone can have a bright white smile.

Patients from all walks of life request tooth whitening, whether they are preparing for a special day, giving it as a gift, preparing for a job interview or just want to look better.

ZOOM! Whitening will improve your tooth color in a matter of minutes.

  • Completed in 1 appointment
  • Long lasting
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Immediate results 
  • Affordable

Whitening at Friedstat Dental Associates will safely brighten your teeth up to 12 shades lighter.

Here's how it works: 
After an examination and dental cleaning, the teeth and gums are prepared with dental material.

A whitening solution is applied to the teeth which is activated by a light in 15 minute increments.

You will see a brighter smile with immediate results.

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by clicking on the Dental Health Guides above.  These Guides are a useful resource with printable descriptions of whitening as well as other dental conditions and dental treatments.

Call Friedstat Dental Associates at 847-674-5556 for your complimentary whitening consultation or complete the appointment request form on-line.

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